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RT Spyder Outdoor Cover


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  • WEATHERPROOF & NO-SCRATCH PROTECTION: The Spyder RT cover is designed to protect your bike from the elements. It features a water repellent coating that repels moisture, dirt, and debris. Its no-scratch flannel design will keep it looking new for years to come.
  • SPYDER DESIGN: This Spyder cover has been specially designed for your motorcycle and fits all Spyder RT 2020 and up. It’s made with a highly-durable nylon material that provides maximum protection while maintaining its shape and form.
  • LONGER LIFE: The Spyder RT covers are built to last. They’re constructed using high-quality materials and have a long life span. Made from heavy-duty polyester fabric, this cover is strong enough to withstand the toughest weather conditions.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: With the Spyder RT cover, you can install it in seconds without tools or hassle. Simply slide on and off when you need to take your bike out for some fun.
  • EASY STORAGE: The Spyder RT is easy to store because it folds flat into a small package. You can fit it in your saddlebag or trunk.

The Can-Am Spyder® RT™ 2020 and Up RT Outdoor Covers provide superior weatherproofing and scratch-resistance for your motorcycle. These covers feature a unique fabric that is water repellent and scratch-resistant. The Spyder RT cover also includes an integrated handle for convenient transportation.

Your Can-Am Spyder deserves the best protection available. Place your order today!

Protect the ride you love from the elements you want to avoid. This weatherproof, 100-denier cover is lined with no-scratch flannel for optimal windshield protection, so everything looks as good when the cover comes off as it went on. Fits both the Standard and Limited edition models and accommodates all Can-Am accessories!

Fits – Spyder RT 2020 and up