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Ski-Doo LinQ Cargo Base Kit 860201806


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  • VERSATILE LINQ SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY: This Ski-Doo LinQ Cargo Base kit ensures seamless compatibility and functionality with your LinQ gear, so you can expand your storage options without any hassle.


  • EASY TOOL-LESS INSTALLATION: Enjoy the convenience of easy and tool-less installation and removal with this Cargo Base Kit. Its user-friendly design allows you to quickly attach or detach LinQ accessories, saving you time and effort during your outdoor adventures.


  • COMPLETE KIT: This kit includes 2 Cargo LinQ bases and all the necessary hardware, providing you with a comprehensive package to enhance your storage capabilities.


  • CUSTOMIZABLE STORAGE: By using the Ski-Doo LinQ Cargo Base Kit 860201806, you can effortlessly expand your storage options for your outdoor gear and essentials.


  • INCLUDED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Enjoy the convenience of added cargo capacity and the freedom to customize your snowmobiling experience with LinQ system accessories.


This Ski-Doo LinQ Cargo Base Kit is designed to maximize your snowmobiling adventures by expanding your cargo capacity. With its seamless compatibility with LinQ gear, you can add a variety of accessories to meet your storage needs.


This Cargo Base Kit features easy and tool-less installation, saving you time and effort while ensuring a secure fit for your LinQ accessories. Whether you’re heading out for a short trip or a long journey, this kit makes it simple to attach or detach your gear as needed.


The kit includes 2 Cargo LinQ bases and all the necessary hardware, ensuring that you have a comprehensive package for enhancing your snowmobiling experience. Customizable and convenient, the Ski-Doo LinQ Cargo Base Kit allows you to adapt your storage options to suit your specific adventures.


Enjoy the freedom to carry the gear you need, whether it’s for a day on the trails or an extended excursion.